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After some other jobs, In 1987 I started to work for the largest distributor of Brabant . For 3M products, HARRIS3M and LANIER.

I started at the bottom as a delivery boy for copier&printer supplies mainly in Brussels. I will learn to know Brussels very good in a few years.

We participated the annual exhibition BATIBOUW and so I came in contact with the Belgium resellers in other provinces.

The salesmanager at the time quickly saw in me a salesman thanks to my smooth contacts with customers in Dutch, French and English.

I was also the only one in the company that controlled these three languages. He introduced me to buy a suit and come along with them to the fair “Batibouw” with our LANIER brand at the time).

I went with a little lead in my shoes, but closed the show off as best salesman selling 65 units. From that day I was officially salesman and I went to visit clients in suit instead of jeans.

Through my healthy ambition I wanted more , I was a bit on my ceiling and I could not make any advancement , so I decided at the age of 40 years to leave the company where I worked 15 years end fly on my own wings .

At that time I whas active in my free time with football, FC Brussels. The team was introduced after 18 months in the 1st class of the Belgian football league, I took the challenge as sales manager for fc brussels and started immediately LDM CONSULT BVBA with two activities:

  • Rent and sale of office systems
  • Rent and sale of advertising spaces and advertising and events
It was an instant success fc Brussels experienced two great years in first class with players like: De Camargo, Kristof Snelders, julien Gorius, Ibrahim Kargbo, Alan Haydock. Alois nong and Steve Colpaert.

I made a lot of contacts with companies and deciders and could kick off my business with a good basic start .

After fc brussels sank in 2nd class I had to completely focus upon the office world with the brand nashuatec and later on ricoh in 2006.

Since 2010 we sell also the Konica Minolta brand of develop to complet our gamma .

Now after 10 years LDM Consult bvba became a reliable supplier of service and sales in printing and advertising in Brussels and surroundings with references: Q PARK HOLDING BELGIUM, CENTURY 21 (35 offices and official partner) ERA, CPI GLOBAL, MERCEDES, TOYOTA, FASHION POINT, MOLENBEEK SPORT VZW, HOUSING ALOST, ARTEXIS, CISCO, TOLEDO, UNITED TELECOM, law firms LEXIUS, BRIJS, Janssens, brightboard, FLANDERS FOOD, FASHION POINT, RENTOKIL Ambius, RES BARTERING, HORECA BRUSSELS, LOUIS DE WAELE ETC.

Together with our own technical team and the support of Ricoh and develop we continue to strive for a fast and reliable service for our customers 7/7! Hopefully see you soon as a “PART OF THE TEAM”


Manager and founder
LDM Consult bvba